Quality Imported Lifts

As one of Perth’s leading suppliers of quality imported lifts, we have more than 20 years experience in installing and maintaining lifts in some of Perth’s prime residential and commercial properties, many of which have been featured in some of Australia’s top magazines.

We work with some of the world’s top manufacturers of microlifts, residential and disability lifts Disabled Lifts in Perth. All our products are premium quality and adhere to the highest standards. Our products include Daldoss dumbwaiters and service lifts, which we supply to the bustling Perth market. Daldoss has been around for more than 70 years and enjoys an unparalleled reputation in the industry.

Our commercial and industrial lift products come from Koyo Elevators and Tresa, two established and well respected lift companies renowned for their sturdy and dependable products. For a total lift solution for all types of properties, contact your local specialists for a no-obligation consultation.

Residential Lifts

Add a stylish residential lift to your multi-level home. It will make life more convenient and add considerable value to your home. It will also make your home more accessible as you approach retirement age. Our home elevators are of the finest quality and can be contained in an out-of-the way area which won’t’ take up much space in your home.

Disabled Lifts

We offer the latest in mobility solutions for your home or business. Whether you want to improve access for your clients or employees, or make yours or a loved one’s home more accessible, we have a range of disabled lifts designed to make life easier and convenient for those that need a little assistance.

Commercial Lifts

We supply a range of high quality commercial lifts, suitable for buildings of seven levels and above. They don’t require much shaft space and put no loads on building structures. These lifts, made by renowned lift companies Koyo Elevators and Tresa, are easy to install and there is a wide availability of spare parts.

Dumbwaiter Lifts

No more dropped food and broken dishes while moving goods between floors. No more carrying bags of garbage down the stairs. No more running up and down stairs to take documents to another department. Do it all easily and efficiently with a dumbwaiter. Eliminate busy staircases and make life in your restaurant or business easier with a dumbwaiter. Contact us for high quality Daldoss dumbwaiters and service lifts.

We work with developers, builders, property managers and homeowners to make your building or home more accessible. We are also a registered building company and are available to help with the design and planning.

Contact us today for all your commercial or residential lift requirements. Call us on 0416 199 267