Lift Maintenance


ALTO LIFT  will cover the maintenance and servicing of your lift, disability lift, microlifts/dumbwaiters  – no matter the brand of your equipment.

WorkSafe require lift owners to:

  • Regularly maintain lifts
  • Conduct annual safety checks and tests

This will also ensure the reliability and longevity of your product.

Our company has emergency call-out services and offer clients a customised maintenance service:

  • Service visits based on lift usage – either monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly (residential lifts)
  • You choose when we come
  • Competitively priced servicing
  • Tested to required standards

Should you be trapped in a lift, please observe the following:

  • Stay calm
  • Press the Emergency call button inside the lift
  • Wait for response and then answer clearly

If you are looking for an alternative lift maintenance and service company,  we will assist you with all your needs. Please call us on 0416 199 267 or email