Dumbwaiters are small service lifts, which can be manually or electrically operated. They are mostly used in restaurants for moving food, dishes or rubbish between floors, but are also used in large residences and apartment houses.

They save a lot of time and make moving objects and food easy and convenient, ruling out the possibility of accidents, especially when carrying stuff up and down stairs.

The Alto Lift provides quality Daldoss dumbwaiters and microlifts to the Perth market. Daldoss is one of the most well-known brands in their field, having been operating since 1945, and winning international awards for its range of goods and service lifts since 1966.

When it comes to supplying you or your company with residential or commercial dumbwaiters, we supply the world’s best-selling service lifts, the Daldoss Microlift. These are designed with space-saving technology, aesthetic looks and the highest safety standards. Our dumbwaiters are rated for loads from 24kg to 1400kg, are quick and easy to install, and are the ideal solution to help move loads between levels.

Installations include:

  • 100kg dumbwaiter for St. John of God Retreat to move large suitcases to upper levels.
  • 100kg dumbwaiter for large apartment block to move waste bins from upper level to ground floor
  • 50kg heated dumbwaiter inside restaurant kitchen Holiday Inn
  • 50kg dumbwaiters for residential households

Quiet & Safe

The service lifts are ideal for up to 30m and offer exceptionally quiet and safe operation thanks to their reliable electronic control, quality reduction gearbox, electromagnetic disk brakes and highly efficient motors. They not only help with efficiency but increase safety as well, with less breakables or perishables being carried by hand between floors.

Space Saving Design

Dumbwaiters come in a variety of colours and finishes, ensuring that your service lift is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are moving documents, food and beverages, or heavy trolleys, the Microlift provides a convenient and affordable solution for your business. An added benefit is that the space saving design we employ will ensure that you save valuable floor space with no separate motor room or load bearing lift shaft required.

Whether it’s for commercial or residential applications, The Alto Lift Company is proud to supply service lifts to the Perth market, providing you with optimal performance, energy efficiency and a long life span.

Commercial dumbwaiter

Whether you work in a multi-level office or a restaurant we can supply you with an aesthetically pleasing, space-saving commercial dumbwaiter. We supply high-quality commercial lift solutions, which you can rely on for their reliability and outstanding quality.

Residential dumbwaiter

If you live in a large residential dwelling and want to add an element of convenience as well as style and functionality then you need a high-quality residential dumbwaiter. Not only will it make your home life easier and more fun, but it will add value to your home at the same time.

Industrial dumbwaiter

Industrial dumbwaiters are ideal for moving goods and equipment between levels on an industrial site. This will save you time and effort and ensure the efficiency of your site. We can install these industrial microlift solutions in a self-supporting steel shaft, ensuring maximum space saving. We can also custom design one to suit your exact needs.

Microlift dumbwaiters

We offer a range of Daldoss microlift dumbwaiters, which come in a variety of sizes and colours. If you own a restaurant or large multi-level home, talk to us about our range of outstanding quality, reliable and durable microlift solutions.

For meaurements, please refer to pages 20-21 of the brochure or contact us for further information on our range of Daldoss Microlifts.